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Cine Baguette | January 21, 2018

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Stranged by the gays

Stranged by the gays

Original Title: L’inconnu du lac
English Title: Stranger by the lake
Director: Alain Guiraudie
Year: 2013

Stranger by the Lake

Gays have been hiding for ages. Everything seems so easy for gays now in certain places, but hiding is a gay thing. Sexual encounters happen everywhere: in the public toilets where families go on Sundays, on the most beautiful parks of Paris or even in the local McDonald’s.

There seems to be not many limits for these kinds of practices. There are blowjobs happening in public places as you read these lines.

Cruising, the technical term, is surprising to a lot of people, even for many gays who are unfamiliar. I know my hetero friends cannot even believe it, but it’s a reality.

With these secrets come also many consequences, as those new movements that tell you to not protect yourself and get aids from other people, or even murders as what we find in “Stranger by the lake”. In the film, we follow the story of Franck who starts going to a gay public place next to a lake and who falls in love with Michel, a dangerous guy.

Even if it seems unreal, those kind of places where gays go nude to tan and have sex afterwards they do exist. I don’t really how it’s like to be a gay man at the end of his thirties, but it cannot be as idiotic as French films try to project it. Franck (Pierre Deladonchamps) is a witness of how Michel (Christophe Paou) kills his ex-partner, in the same lake, but that doesn’t stops him from having sex and even create a relationship with him.

So the relationship goes on and Franck has to deal with his own secrets and those from Michel. So even if he wants to take things to the next level, something more serious (being aware that he’s the murderer) he just gets rejects from Michel’s side.

Come on, people! It’s not like gays that age cannot control themselves or think they can get better than a cheap murderer from a cruising place. Just depressing.

stranger by the lake 2

This film by Alain Guiraudie, even if it’s in the thriller category, doesn’t seem to have an inch of this genre. The detective involved in the case seems to have no power at all. He’s just helpless in that area dominated by gays, apparently too complicated to be understood by him, an apparent gay himself.

The film goes so slow, showing people how cruising works and it fails to keep the tension and attention or even some emotion. The lines and the interactions just do not fit entirely and the real peak just happens in the end, which is open as a guy’s anus in that lake.
From all the buzz and good critics that the film received, I was expecting so much more. I just got another wasted story with great potential about those gay encounters and their deadly consequences.

Maybe it was the hidden gay secrets in public places that surprised and shocked people.


  1. I’m going to watch this film next week and I will try to share my opinion with you after that. Thanks for your review.

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