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Cine Baguette | December 11, 2017

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The awkward improbability of ‘Eastern Boys’

The awkward improbability of ‘Eastern Boys’

Original Title: Eastern boys English Title: Eastern boys Year: 2013 Director: Robin Campillo

Let’s talk about unrealistic. Or being dumb. Both of those things can sum up the lead character Daniel (Olivier Rabourdin) of Eastern Boys, a French, rich guy in his forties, who likes Marek (Kirill Emelyanov) a eastern boy who met in a train station in the north of Paris. Correction: who followed through different scenes, until he finally talked to him to ask for his “services”.

But what he was expecting is not what he got. As Marek and his friend go in groups, Daniel was ambushed in his own house ; he gets robbed, does not react, watches as they took all of his things, and then finishes home with nothing but feelings for the eastern guy.

The second time he comes to his house he’s alone to offer his initial services. 50 euros pay the night. After all he went through, Daniel accepts and from this moment starts having him home 2-3 times a week (for the sex, you guys).

Things start heating up, for Daniel, because you couldn’t see a guy who would reject sex as much as Marek does. He gives the impression that he’s empty, everything Daniel does seems to have no effect on him, to a point that seems almost ridiculous. Who’s taking advantage of the situation? Lonely depressive Daniel or disgusted Marek? The weeks go by and Daniel don’t want to have any more sex with Marek, when finally he starts to ask for it.

A different kind of love it’s now what has taken over Daniel. He sees him now as a child.

Is it me or is it ever creepier than the beginning?

easternboys Obviously things are not that easy, as Marek has to deal with his original group asking for the money he’s been earning, his new phone and being away all the time. That’s why Daniel does everything he can to help him get out of that dominant group so they can be together, alone, without problems.

The illusion of a 40 year-old French with good education has to be more than to have sex with a foreign teenager and then file papers to become his father.

It’s just surprising the improbability of the whole thing. And the acting, except for the leader of the gang Boss (Daniil Vorobyov), really leaves much to be desired. Lots of things happen for this to come to reality.

It must be the most exciting part of the film of Robin Campillo, as it suddenly becomes an action movie with so much potential and great delivery. It’s sad to say that the best part was the last half hour, because the beginning was just so depressing to watch and not convincing, far away from the good reviews given by the critics.

After quite a great expectation, I feel disappointed when I think about this film, with such great potential about a relation between these two cultures, who don’t seem to get along. Too bad it was approached from the stereotype about a depressing gay in his forties and his weird obsession to save a kid’s life.


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